How to Celebrate a Work Anniversary

In order to socialize better and create a healthy environment at your workplace, you need to acknowledge achievements of your employees. You can give them special treatment on their anniversary or give them a simple gift. Besides this, you can even shake the hand of your employee who is celebrating his work anniversary and say thank you. By this you will be valuing your employees which will increase their morale. As a result, your business’ performance will also be boosted. You can learn some tips and guidelines for ways of celebrating a work anniversary.


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    Monthly celebrations

    You need to jot down a list of employees name and their start dates on a calendar or on excel sheet of your laptop. After getting all the information, you need to divide the list into monthly categories.

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    Pick a day of every month to celebrate

    Next you need to pick a day of every month in which you will celebrate anniversaries. You should also celebrate birthdays of your employees on this day. Friday is the best day for choosing to celebrate the anniversaries and birthdays. However, avoid choosing Friday which comes in the end of a month. Try to choose a Friday in the middle of the month which works best for morale.

  • 3

    Make proper arrangements

    Choose potluck as a way of celebrating birthdays and work anniversaries. At every potluck, you should make proper arrangements on this day to celebrate. Arrange a cake for those employees who are celebrating their birthdays and little eatable stuff like pastries in the party.

  • 4

    Printed acknowledgements

    Get a high quality paper for printed acknowledgements. Then you need to design a layout which states the employee name and the number of years of service. Simply print it out and deliver to the employee. You can hand shake, congratulate and wish him best of luck for future. A simple thank you from the core of your heart will be enough as well.

  • 5

    Special recognition

    After an employee has served for a number of years, you can call him forward in an event or a party and congratulate him specifically. You can select one, five, 10 or even 15 years of service of an employee to celebrate.

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