Garlic Day Overview

Whether you agree with it or not, but there are many people who do not find food tasty if there is no garlic added in it, especially those who like to have spicy and gravy enriched food. Although garlic is used in almost every spicy dish but when it comes to a meaty dish then it may not prove to be a tasty one if not soaked in garlic. The paste often involves ginger but it is the garlic that produces the actual taste in meat. A reader may feel that why garlic is being so much accentuated. Well! This is because today, April 19, is known to be observed as Garlic Day. This may turn out to be surprising, as no one would have ever thought a day to be associated with a common food constituent. Somehow, it is good to know at least something about this day. National Garlic Day promotes the many uses of garlic in daily life.


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    Origin of Garlic Day

    National Garlic Day is meant to pay some homage to Garlic, which is being used as a major constituent in food for nearly 6000 years or so. It is worth mentioning here that in ancient time, the Egyptians used to feed the workers building the Great Pyramid of Giza with this herb. This is because they believed that garlic helps in boosting up their stamina.

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    Why observe Garlic Day?

    The purpose of observing National Garlic Day is to highlight the health benefits of this remarkable herb. According to doctors, this stinking rose known as garlic helps in fighting a number of diseases and disorders of human body. Apart from this, there is a myth that garlic keeps the evil spirits away.

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    Garlic Day Celebrations

    If we talk in terms of usage then we garlic is hardly ever out of all our celebrations particularly if they involve some meaty and spicy stuff. Nevertheless, you can visit How to Celebrate Garlic Day for more information.

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