How to Host a Cinco de Mayo Neighborhood Barbecue

Hosting a Cinco de Mayo neighborhood barbecue is a wonderful idea to invite your family and relatives for an informal party. Though there are no hard and fast rules about hosting a Cinco de Mayo neighborhood barbecue but still you need to make sure that party is well planned and according to your theme. Your friends and family members will definitely have a great time. The menu on the other hand, should be well organised and it should have plenty of tasty Mexican food. It is your responsibility as well that you prepare according to your selected menu.


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    Mexican food

    Since this is an annual festival of Mexican victory over the French, so you need to have lots of Mexican food for your Cinco de Mayo party. You can include in your menu as many dishes as you want including guacamole, quesadillas, sopes and empanadas, steak, fish, pork, beef or lamb fajitas. This is also a very good idea that you can take little guidelines from a good cook book. There are plenty of books on Mexican food. After selecting different famous dishes, you should try them and serve them to your guests with sizzling sauces.

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    Drinks list

    Select carefully your drinks for the party. You can choose conventional drinks as well as some delicate Mexican drinks like Corona, Dos Equis and Modelo. These all are brands of Mexican beer. Always make sure that you should also have non alcoholic drinks as well in your party. There are also light versions of Corona drinks available in the market. These drinks have little amount of alcohol but still give you pleasure to enjoy the party. You can also make margaritas and daiquiris for the party.

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    Mexican music

    Mexican music is also very essential in Cinco de Mayo. You can choose from various artists and music types for your background music. If you face any kind of difficulty to find Mexican music, you can always download some from the internet.

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    Mexican decorations

    Make sure that you create a good atmosphere with different types of Mexican decorations. For simple decorations, you can choose Pinatas, sarapes, Mexican flags, maracas, sombreros, straw masks, balloons, charro hats, inflatable cactus rings and toss games.

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    Be Festive:

    Remember to enjoy yourself and be festive. Try to enjoy Cinco de Mayo with your friends and family members. By putting in a little effort your cookout will be festive and a treat for everyone.

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