How to Select a Tailgate Party Tent

Tailgate party is a way to show your support for a sports team. People set up tents outside the stadium; gather their friends, discuss the game with them, have some barbecue and consume some alcohol before going in the stadium.

Tailgating is a common thing in America as people like to show their love and support for their favourite team by throwing such parties. Though, food and beverages are very important in this party but you must not ignore another important step which is selecting a tent for tailgate party.

There is no doubt in that it’s a tricky job but following some simple directions can really help you in getting the best tent for your tailgate party.


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    Know your requirements:

    First and the foremost thing you should do is to know the requirements.

    Decide what kind of ambience you want to give your fellows?

    What is the actual number of your guests?

    Do you need a tent which is open from all sides or you want some other type?

    Do you want to buy a tent just for the tailgate party or you want it to be a multi-purpose tent?

    All these questions will help you to determine your requirements and ultimately you will be able to buy a suitable tent.

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    Decide your budget:

    Next thing you should consider is the budget. Find out how much money you can spare for this purchase. Mostly, people do not want to spend much and buy a cheap tent but it is always better to spend few extra bucks to buy a good tent. You must understand that it’s not a one-time use thing. Do not compromise quality over price. If you want to save money then buy a plain tent and decorate it yourself.

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    Look for the suitable size:

    The size of tent depends on the scale of your party. If you want to assemble a significant number of people under one roof then buy a big tent. Mostly, 9 x 9 feet is an ideal size for a tailgate party tent.

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    Select a tent with your team’s logo:

    As the basic purpose of this party is to register support for your favourite team so you should buy a tent decorated with your team’s logo etc.

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    Check the material:

    Another important thing is to check the material. You must ensure that it is durable and worth spending the money. You must keep local weather in mind while checking the material.

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