How to Propose at a Concert

If you are planning to propose your partner during a concert, there are several things that you need to keep in mind. For instance, you cannot expect to propose someone on a random concert where there isn’t a room for such things. You need to be very clear about your intensions and ask yourself several times that whether you are ready to take this step or not. If you think you are ready, make up your mind and stick to it and remember that after that, there is no going back and you have to propose on a concert now.


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    First of all, you need to pick a date. Since you are planning to propose on a concert, pick a concert that is most suited to your schedule. In addition to that, the concert must be of that band which your partner loves. You cannot expect to go on a concert that is not according to the taste of your partner because let’s face it, why would someone want to get engaged at a concert that isn’t of her liking.

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    Make a plan. Before going through this, carefully make up your mind and plan each and everything. Keep track of everything and pick a special moment, a special occasion to get the ring out of your pocket. Now you can either propose your partner after the marriage or you can go for a more enthusiastic approach by proposing her on stage. If you want to propose your partner on a stage, make sure that you have talked to respective authorities about that. You cannot simply expect to run to the stage, and shout out the magic words. You need a plan, a roadmap to carry out everything.

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    Another way to propose would be to ask the band in some way to play the favourite song of your partner. Get that song dedicated to her and when that song is on, bend down on your knee and ask her to marry you. Make sure that the arrangements are in order and the light is on you and your partner when you are proposing. Make sure to tape that moment because this will be once in a life time experience.

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    You can also arrange for some people to bring flowers to partner. This will make her day and will set your marriage life to a flyer and you will live a much happy life after that.

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