Home Run Day Overview

Baseball is commonly termed as America’s pastime, indicating its popularity among the public. Not only is the game popular, the players enjoy great recognition for their feats around the world. It has a rich history of great players who played the sport with zeal, competence and determination.Hank Aaron was one such hero who made sure he left enough legacy in the field to be remembered over the years. He enjoyed a glorious and rewarding career which gave baseball lovers a reason to celebrate. like the home run day We have put down the complete information on the day and how you should celebrate it in a fun manner.


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    The day marks the first home run of  Hank Aaron, a baseball league player who went on to break the world record of most home runs. Aaron hit his first home run on 23rd April 1954 and since than the day is remembered by baseball enthusiasts as the birth of a legend.

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    The day is a testimony of how talent beats odds and succeeds. Hank Aaron here grew up from a poor family to a great baseball career. He broke the world record of 714 career home runs owned by Babe Ruth previously. He was also honored with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, highest civilian award in the United States.

    The day is a reminder of how hard work and  talent combine to form the success formula. It is a source of motivation for those who are working for a dream. Home run day celebrates an accomplishment and the effort that went into it.

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    What better way to celebrate than to organize a baseball match in the school or in the neighborhood and name it after Hank Aaron.

    Hank Aaron had an inspirational life story. Gather the children and even adults and discuss his life and how he made it to glory despite all the odds against him. This will surely motivate the children. A quiz competition about who knows better about Hank Aaron's life and playing records can also be recorded.

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