How to Plan a Weekend Getaway

If you are beginning to feel that you are going through the same monotonous routine day after day, then you ought to do something about it before you forget that you are a human, not a machine. There is no better time to do this than a weekend. Since you will not have any commitments holding you back, just pack up your bags and go on a little vacation. Enjoy your freedom from the cage that you had been keeping yourself confined to.

If you want to extract the most from your weekend getaway, make sure you plan everything out in advance. Going out on a mini vacation without taking necessary things into consideration such as the items that you want to take along, the activities that you want to do and the place where you want to go will only end up leaving you lost and confused.

Things Required:

– Backpack or suitcase
– Map
– Toiletries
– Cash or credit card
– Portable music player
– Camera
– Clothes


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    The first thing that you need to do is to sit down and think about the places that you have been wanting to visit for quite some time now, but could not get to it because of your hectic schedule. Do not think of places that are too far away from where you live and are too expensive to get to. Keep in mind that you just have a day or two to get there, enjoy your time there and come back.

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    Once you have thought up of the place, decide on your mode of transport. You can either take your own car, or you can book yourself a seat in the bus or plane. Go for the cheaper and more convenient option. If you decide to use your own conveyance, check its fuel and other fluids. Make sure the engine is properly tuned and the tyres have sufficient air. If you decide to use a bus, train or plane, reserve yourself a seat.

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    Think up of the items that you feel you should take along on your weekend trip. It includes map of the place that you are visiting, camera, portable music player such as iPod, toiletries, etc. Get all these things and put them in a backpack or suitcase, depending on how much stuff you are taking with you. Do not forget to pack some clothes.

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    Take some cash out from the bank even if you do have a credit card. Even though credit card may be accepted at majority of the stores in the place where you are planning on going, it is always good to be prepared for an emergency, for example your card gets stolen or the store does not accept credit card payment.

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    If you are on good terms with your neighbours, let them know that you will be away for the weekend. Request them to take the necessary action in case of emergency, for example call the police in case they see a burglar trying to break into the house.

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