How to Host a Fondue Party

The word “Fondue” is a reshaped form of French word “Fondre” which means “to melt”.

Fondue party is undoubtedly the best option if you want to have a nice get together event on a tight budget. The additional benefit is that you won’t have to put much effort during the arrangements.

However, it does not mean that you can just invite some guests and have a hustle-free party without any preparation. Every party has its own manners which must be followed. There are couple of things to be remembered while hosting a fondue party.


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    Determine budget:

    You should start by planning your budget. The last thing you want will be an extra burden on your pocket. The benefit of planning a budget is that you will be able to organise a great fondue party in less time, with minimum effort and money. Remember that the theme, scale and menu of your party purely depends on your budget so do not weight down the importance of this exercise.

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    Make a guest list:

    When you know your limits, it’s time to finalise the names of your guests. Again, you must look at your resources before deciding the number of people to be invited. Usually, people finalise a list by keeping the size of venue in mind. You must think how many guests you will be able to adjust. This will really help you in deciding the exact number.

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    Decide time and date:

    Next thing you should do is to finalise time, date and venue of the party. The best way is to ask your guests while inviting them for the party. This in-house survey will help you a lot to decide the suitable time and date for your fondue party. Moreover, this will ensure the maximum attendance in this casual get together.

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    Plan the menu:

    If you are going to host a full-course party, then you will have to serve a variety of cooked vegetables, meat and melted cheese along with French bread cubes. In the end, you will have to offer some sweet treat. You must plan the menu by keeping your guests' likes and dislikes in mind.

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    Prepare the fondue:

    Lastly, you should decide what type of fondue you want to serve in your party. You may go for cheese or chocolate. Choose a recipe and prepare the fondue at least thirty minutes before your guests show up. Arrange fondue pots and forks for every guest and serve the food.

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