How to Celebrate William Shakespeare’s Birthday

If you have some passion for the English Literature, then April 23 has something really special for you, as it is known to be the birthday of great legendary English Poet and Playwright, William Shakespeare. Although there are controversies about his exact birth date but somehow it is assumed to be 23 April. All those who have some knowhow of English Literature must have come across some of the stories and plays from Shakespeare. Many stories and plays proved to be so much famous that even today after so many years, they are performed in several theaters and school shows. Hence, if you planning to celebrate William Shakespeare’s birthday, then there are number of activities that you can organize to commemorate the great legend.


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    Decorating Places

    If you have an experience of watching some movies or plays from Shakespeare’s books, then you must have observed the surroundings and atmosphere. You can create such atmosphere in your school, college, or universities. Make sure to display the portrait of William Shakespeare as a major part of your decorations.

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    Dress Up and Makeover

    Those who have read about Shakespeare’s personality in his stories and plays must have a good knowhow of his dressing. May it be men, women, children or clowns the dressings have also been quite unique and interesting. Organize a party and ask the participants to dress up the same way as depicted in Shakespeare’s plays.

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    Demos and Performances

    There can be some performances and demonstrations on the plays and stories of Shakespeare. Students or the members of English Literary Society can organize these activities in schools, colleges, and universities. Each character in the play or story should be properly highlighted in order to create a nice affect on the audiences.

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