How to Have a Safe and Happy Halloween

Halloween is a time for fun and enjoyment. Kids are eagerly waiting for this day of the year to come so they can dress like their super heroes such as X-Men or Justice League and go door to door for candies. This also boosts sales of stores especially in selling of candies and sweets. However, you need to take precautions in order to have a safe Halloween. By this you can have a happy Halloween and can enjoy to its fullest. You are required to watch out your kids especially when they are moving door to door in night.


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    Costume safety

    In order to take safety precaution, you can start by checking your kids’ costumes. You need to make them visible especially at night. Try to get bright coloured costumes for them. In case they are wearing dark or black coloured costumes, apply a shining tape on them so they can be visible.  In addition to this, you need to make sure their vision is perfect. If they are wearing mask, a responsible adult should be holding their hands.

    Coming towards its fitting, the costume should be fit according to the size of your kid. In case it is larger, your kid might get stuck and fall. Also check the shoes, it should of perfect size. You do not want your child getting blisters on his feet.

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    Road safety

    You need to make sure children are highly visible for the people driving cars. Furthermore, your child needs to walk on the pathway all the time and when crossing road, he should see both sides carefully. It is strongly recommended that you give your child flashlight when they are moving in night.

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    Physical and emotional safety measures

    For younger children, you should make sure they are properly escorted. You can even go with them for trick and treating purposes. Children might be afraid of some Halloween costumes so you need to be aware of your kids’ feelings. You need to strictly stop your child from entering house of anyone during trick or treating. You can arrange walkie-talkies for them if they are going out alone.

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    Health safety

    You should also think about your child’s health safety. Prevent them from over eating candies as it might cause health problems. It may ruin their teeth and increase body weight. Make sure they consume a healthy diet.

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