Halloween Costume Ideas for Men

One superb thing about being a man is all the amazing dressing options you have for Halloween costumes. 30th October is your golden chance to show you creativity and to dress up in a unique way to grab the attention of all the people and to really put yourself in the spirit of Halloween.

There are no hard and fast rules for Halloween costumes as you can dress in any way that you like. For example, you can think of scary, funny, humorous and sporty costume etc. However, do not forget to keep your physical appearance and personality in mind while selecting or making your Halloween costumes.

Go through the given below various costumes ideas in order to find the right one for yourself on Halloween:


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    Halloween Costume Ideas for Bearded Men

    Beard increases your costumes options on Halloween. However, make sure to thoroughly incorporate it into your Halloween costume to look amazing. Beard plays vital role in creating horrible looks that is the basic theme of Halloween. The ones with clean shave can take advantage of the easily available fake beards.

    Historical Figures: Beard men can dress up like Historical Figures, including Abraham Lincoln, Charles Darwin, Brigham Young, Kimbo Slice, Chuck Norris, and Santa Claus etc.

    Famous People: Dressing up like the bearded famous people on Halloween is another superb idea. This idea may attract people towards you for a photo session with you. Consider Fidel Castro, ZZ Top, Che Guevara and Mr. T etc.

    Famed Characters: Bearded men can dress up like the famed characters, which were known for their bearded style. Grizzly Adams, Yosemite Sam, Captain Caveman, Papa Smurf, Groundskeeper Willie, Jon Snow, Conan O'Brien, Agent Derek, Albus Dumbledore, Osama Bin Laden and Al Mualim etc are some of the interesting bearded costumes ideas that you can think of on Halloween.

    Movie Characters: You can also copy the bearded styles of some of the most watched movie charters. Dress up like Jack Sparrow, R.J. MacReady, Pai Mei, King Leonidas, Gandalf, Jack Torrance, Jules Winnfield, Hans Gruber, Obi Wan Kenobi, John Patrick Mason, and Clubber Lang etc.

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    Halloween Costume Ideas for men with long hair

    Men with long hair can come up with some interesting and attention grabbing costumes to look different on Halloween. Long hair is easy to adopt any horrifying look. Take advantage of your long hair and wear the costumes of the Pirate of the Caribbean, Hagrid, Shang Tsung, LeChuck, Aragorn, Zombie, Mad Scientist and the Avatar costumes etc on Halloween.

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    Halloween Costume Ideas for men with short hair

    Men with short hair will look best in Military, Pumpkin Punk Rocker, Teddy Roosevelt, Flapper, Rock Star, and Delivery Ma, Nerd, Tony Montana, Career, Animal costumes, Food and Beverages costumes, etc.

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    Halloween costumes for men with Glasses

    Even though customary Halloween costumes are meant to be terrifying, but you can also consider taking a completely different path and dressing uniquely with glasses or sunglasses in a way that surprises the people in your social circle. Dress up in Avengers Captain costumes, Batman Costumes, Simpson duff man costumes, Zorro costumes, Gothic Vampire costumes, Star Wars Troops costumes and the Astronaut costumes etc that will grab your party attendees' attention.

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    Halloween costumes for men with Mustaches

    For a funny effect, you can highlight you Mustaches with some amazing Halloween costumes. Hulk Hogan, Wyatt Earp, Ron Burgundy, Mark Spitz, Frank Zappa, Elbert Einstein, Salvador Dali, Joseph Stalin, Harry Reems, Charlie Chaplin, and Adolph Hitler etc are some of the very well-known Mustaches that changed the history. So, dressing up like these famous personalities is not a bad idea at all. Other than that, you can think of Hippie Man costumes, Super Mario costumes, Gambler costumes, Muppet Swedish Chef costumes, Santa Clause costumes, Disco Dirt Bag Wig costumes and Sombrero costumes as well.

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    Scary Halloween Costumes for Men

    Scary costumes best suit Halloween as horror and awfulness is the basic theme of this amazing celebration. Jason Voorhees costumes, Avatar costumes, Zombie costumes, Freddy Kruger costumes, Count Dracula costumes, Wizard costumes, Winged Reaper costumes, Soul Stealer costumes, Evil Entity costumes, Demon costumes, Werewolf costumes, Eva Skeleton costumes, Ghost costumes, Unknown Phantom costumes and Butcher Apron costumes etc are guarantee to make people around your shout.

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