How to Celebrate Go for Broke Day

If you have waited long to try something in life and have been looking for a particular moment to try your luck, then “Go for the Broke Day” may just be for you! Luck can be on your side today, so take a chance to risk all that you have. It can be something related to a love relationship, new job, risky project or a big decision. Whatever it is, this is your chance to try your luck. This involves the concept “Fortune Favours the Brave” so if you are brave enough then Go for Broke Day can prove to be lucky for you. However, there are a few ways to celebrate this day and trying your luck.


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    A remarkable Decision or Step

    You can start up your day by taking an unusual decision. It may be risking all that you have in a poker game, or quitting your existing job to try something else for a better career. If you have longed to express your feelings of love for someone, then do not hesitate as luck could be on your side today.

  • 2

    Go for Risk

    Like most people, you may also be having a conservative and orthodox approach towards life. Just try to be a little adventurous today by engaging yourself in something that you are normally scared of. Make yourself believe that luck is favouring you.

  • 3

    Do it or Leave it

    There is a project that you want to start and have not been able to make up your mind to do so; you are worried about losing your job and trying to make sure that nothing goes wrong at your end; there is someone you love but are afraid of being rejected upon expressing your feelings. Whatever you have today at the back of your mind, go ahead and do it otherwise just step back and leave it once and for all! Take a risk and spread your wings!

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