How to Reserve a Table at a Nightclub for a Birthday Party

Whether you want to throw a small party or a big birthday gathering at a night club, it is important to know the norms when it comes to reserving a table. If you do not have any idea about this, then you have reached  the right place, as this article will help you through the various procedures of  reserving a table for a birthday party in a hassle-free manner.


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    First of all, you should carefully evaluate the options (clubs) available in your area. Narrow down your choice to five clubs and then decide how many people you are expecting to visit your party. Makes calls to each club at least two weeks ahead of the date you have set to stage your event.

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    Ask for the manager or the person in charge of table reservations. When you talk to them, ask them for the prices of tables on the night of your event. After they tell you the price, ask them if there are lower prices offered in different sections of the club. Sometimes, if you are seated in a less desirable area of the club, the cost for a table could be cheaper.

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    Inquire if you can bring in balloons, party favours and a cake for the table. Also, ask if there is an additional charge for the staff to store the cake and bring it out to you with candles lit at the time that you desire.

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    Ask the manager or the person in charge about the discounts offered at a particular club. Many clubs offer special discounts, especially when you are accompanied by a number of people. The minimum guest limit for securing a discount varies from club to club.

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    Find out if there is a strict dress code at the night club. This  is an important aspect as some of your friend can be embarrased on your important day.

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