Encourage a Young Writer Day Overview

The month of April is famous for a number of events such as Go For the Broke, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday. However, there is another day in the month of April that is meant for the young writers and it is the 10th of April. As the name implies, Encourage a Young Writer Day is meant to provide a boost to potential great writers of the future who look upon their scribbles as something of immense importance. It is worth-mentioning here that this scribbling goes on to develop proper reading and writing skills in the young kids thus adding up more to their confidence towards writing effectively.


  • 1

    Writing funny words

    This is a simple practice that involves you and your child writing down five fun words in a list. After that, you go on to write a poem containing all those words by exchanging the list you both prepared.

  • 2

    Story writing

    Since most kids like listening to stories, so making them write one can prove to be a handy tool to improve their writing. Ask your child to write a story beginning with a sentence such as “It was a bright sunny day and I was……..” This will help your child a long way as a creative writer.

  • 3

    Imaginative Writing

    Young kids often think of themselves as Spiderman, Superman and He-Man. If your child is not able to write a story with a sentence, ask him/her to imagine himself as a cartoon celebrity and write something beginning with for example "If I were a Spiderman………”.

  • 4

    One by One strategy

    This may involve a few more people. It simply requires each writer to write a sentence in the story and pass it to the other one. In trying to write better than other writers, your child often comes up with something that is quite creative.

  • 5

    Describing an Object

    There are many objects within your house that your child is also aware of using. Ask him/her to write something on this. It can be a pencil, TV, Fridge or anything that the child knows well about.

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