How to Celebrate Astronomy Day

If you have passion for knowing about Astronomy but never had a chance to discover things around, then Astronomy Day is bringing something for you. This special day is celebrated to create astronomy awareness among general public, especially the astronomy enthusiasts. Local events are organized in which professionals’ presence creates an opportunity for knowledge seekers to ask direct questions from experts and get instant answers.

Normally the organizations associated with astronomy organize these events, but there’re many things which can be done on individual level. So, if you intend to expand your knowledge about astronomy or want to spread the word among your friends and family, take this opportunity to discover the latest happenings.


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    Plan a Visit to Places Where You Can Find Interesting Stuff:
    You can visit places like science museums, planetariums, libraries, Astronomy clubs, observatories, universities, laboratories, and several nature centers that host special events and participate in some interesting activities. Although you can visit such places any time, but on this day you’ll find extra options!

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    Attend the Special Events Organized by Local Organizations:
    You might need to do little research to find out about the specific Astronomy events in your area. Reservations for such events are normally done weeks before and are advertized in local papers. Do keep a check on news and book a place earlier.

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    Get a Telescope & Have Fun:
    This is possibly the best gift for you from you. Having a telescope is a must for an astronomy enthusiast, so get one and start your journey to discover the stars far away!

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    Educate Kids:
    Young kids are always enthusiastic about learning something about the universe. If you have some young school going kids then today you have a good chance of educating them about the universe and particularly other planets in the universe. You can show them a movie about universe or can take them to a place where they can have some learning.

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    Engage Kids in Fun Activities:
    Kids love to draw things and an engaging activity like drawing or modeling can help them learn the concepts very easily.

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