How to Sell Antique Valentines

Valentine is an event celebrated by just about everyone, and greeting each other on the occasion is something you cannot ignore. Normally, most people greet each other by sharing valentine cards and small decorative gifts on this special day, creating a small economy for those wanting to make money out of it.

Antique valentine gifts also have been around for decades. A good number of people still like to celebrate this day the old, traditional way. The demand for antique valentine items is always high. However, those wishing to sell their own antique items often face trouble finding the right places, where they can display their products.


  • 1

    Educate yourself

    Learning is the only way to gain an insight into valentine antiques. You should know the history of each item you have, as antique lovers are more interested in knowing the history of the items than quality or price. Moreover, you can gain an edge over sellers of regular valentine products if you can get in touch with experts on different antiques and history.

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    Create an inventory of your items

    Make a list of what you have. You can create an inventory on paper and every item should be listed according to the worth and its history. Always put your items in chronological order.

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    Do a market research

    Do a speedy market research to assess the level of competition in the market. The market for valentine gifts is pretty ripe these days as more and more people are jumping in, offering products that can catch the attention of buyers and antique lovers. You can visit wholesale markets in person to see the flow of antique valentine products and give a sample or two of yours to dealers.

  • 4

    Visit antique exhibitions and shows

    Get membership of different museums and communities that hold programs on antiques. You will be given a chance to present your products. Since every museum devotes much of its space and programs to antiques and galleries on antique items are often conducted, displaying your items in one of these art galleries will get you plenty of interested parties/buyers.

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    Build a website or blog

    Build a website featuring all your items. The inventory of the item should be given according to the items’ age, history, price, and other features. If it is not possible for you to create a website, you can create a blog on Blogspot and WordPress.

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    Search antique blogs and websites

    Search for blogs and sites that feature antique products. You can get in touch with hundreds of people interested in antique items and displaying your products will become much easier this way.

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