6 Most Brutal Ways of Execution

You are extremely lucky to be born in a society where there is an actual legal system. Here the rights of the people are respected and they are not subjected to such brutal killings by the government itself. Back in the days, there were ways of executions which are still considered to be extremely inhumane and horrific.

We have managed to make a list of the most brutal ways of execution which the world has come across over the past many years. People were actually brutally murdered in front of people so that an example can be made out of them and others do not commit the same crime which they have committed.


  • 1

    Hanged, Drawn and Quartered

    This punishment was used in England. There were three parts to it. At first the victim was tied down and dragged to the location of execution. Then he/she would hang until they were almost dead. Right after that they were taken down; their abdomen was opened and entrails were removed. Then they were burned before their own eyes. Eventually the victim was beheaded.

  • 2


    This method was mostly used by the Romans. This gave a slow painful death to the victim. Basically two nails were struck down a man’s wrists and he was hanged on a cross with hands wide apart. Eventually the person would bleed to death. Slow and painfully.

  • 3

    Colombian Necktie

    The victim’s throat was cut open and the tongue was pulled out from the space opened. The body was left as a warning for everyone to see.

  • 4

    Pre-mature burial

    The most suffocating death. If you have committed a crime, you will be put in a grave and after some time you will run out of air to breathe and then die.

  • 5


    In Asia, several bamboos were left pointing towards a man. Since they grow so fast, they were watered every day and soon they would penetrate the victim’s body, leaving him dead in the most painful way possible.

  • 6


    This is the act of removing a person’s skin from their body. This was used to strike fear into the hearts of the people. Once the whole skin was pealed, it was then nailed at a public place so the people can see.

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