How to Plan a Graduation Open House

An open house party is an amazing way to celebrate, and if it is a graduation party, things become even more exciting. If you are planning to hold a graduation open house because one of your relatives has completed their grad (at high school, college, preschool or a graduate school), you have to arrange the party well ahead of your scheduled time as there will be many things that have to be taken care of.


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    Decide on a place where the party will be held

    You cannot just decide on the spur of the moment that you will arrange an open house graduation party because the venue is the most important factor that can make your celebration worth remembering.

    Decide on a venue at least a month before the actual date of the event. Single out a place for the party before you do anything because without a proper place, all the others things like food, number of guests, date, etc. will be pointless.

    If you plan to hold the party at your house, you should find a suitable place where all the arrangements can easily be made. You may want to hire a place where you just have to pay for all the catering services and event management.

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    Set time and date of the event

    Setting the time and date of the event will depend on the place you have decided for the party. Mostly, people hold open house parties on Saturdays and Sundays as guests usually have no trouble attending the celebration.

    The time of the event should be set keeping in mind how your guests will respond to it. If you set a time early in the morning, most of the guests might find it difficult to arrive. Do not fix a date which clashes with your guest’s schedule. National holidays, Christmas/Eid, Easter and other holidays should be avoided as people are usually busy enjoying time with their families.

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    Arrange food

    One you have decide the date and time, you can make a plan about food and refreshments. Although the food will be prepared at the time of the event, but you should have everything planned out in advance, like what food (items, refreshment) has to be served. If you plan to hire a caterer, contact one well ahead of time.

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    Send out invitations

    The last step is to send out invitations. You can use invitation cards for special guests or friends. Other things to consider for sending out invitation may include email, SMS, phone call message, etc.

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