How to Create a Romantic Christmas Dinner Table Setting

Christmas is a festive time that is spent with loved ones, friends and family. It gives everyone a chance to make memories, get together, chat with each other and give gifts. It is also be a perfect dinner with your better half or your girlfriend. It is a very important time to share together and make the other person feel special and valued. A Christmas time should be made romantic and perfect. It shows how much you care for the other person. Plan before time so that everything is perfect for the dinner.

Things Required:

– White and gold taper candles with holders (4 to 6)

– White or Red Linen Tablecloth

– Gold ribbon

– White or green cloth napkins

– 2 wine glasses

– 2 pretty dinner plates

– Silverware

– 2 white roses


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    Start by placing the linen on the table, it should hang over the edges too. The cloth should be shaped according to the table, for example buy a square table cloth for a square table and a circular one for a round table. It is not necessary to choose white, dark red will also go well as it represents love.

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    In the center of the table, place the candles. The candles will create a very intimate and seductive effect when the lights are off. It is very romantic to turn off the lights and eat in the candles glow. Taper candles are a good choice because they are long. Use golden or silver candles as they show celebration and will enhance the red linen.  Place the candles in a line in the middle, or make a circle if you have six candles. They all should be of the same height.

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    Place the cutlery properly and wrap it into napkins. If you are using white cloth, wrap in red napkins. If the linen is red, wrap the cutlery in green napkins. Tie them with a golden ribbon to match with your candles. Put the wrapped cutlery on the right side of the plate and place your wine glasses on the upper left side.

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    Use plain white plates against red table cloth. Take two red roses and tie them with the same ribbon as the cutlery. Just a small bow will look cute. Put the tied roses on your spouse’s plate. It adds a simple yet loving gesture to the overall setting. This will also increase the romantic factor.

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