How to Prepare the Home for a Tabletop Gaming Party

Tabletop games not only entertain the players but they also provide friends and family members to sit around a table and spend some quality time together. That is why the tabletop gaming parties have become so popular all over the world.

However, this full of fun activity needs some preparation if you are hosting a tabletop gaming party. You will have to make some arrangements to ensure comfort for you loved ones while playing games like scrabble, monopoly, poker, pictionary etc.

By following couple of simple directions you can prepare your home in minimum time and effort.


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    Determine the number of guests:

    The first important thing you need to do is to determine the total number of gamers and visitors. You will have to plan your seating according to that number. Moreover, you will be able to decide games more efficiently if you know the exact number of people in the party. Though, you should provide everyone a seat but you may offer them floor cushions or pillows to sit casually.

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    Decide a theme:

    Next thing you will do is to decide the theme, the overall look, of your party. Following a theme in decor and food will help you to create an ambience and ultimately your gamers will enjoy more. You can transform your living room into a professional club by using special lights and other effects.

  • 3

    Decide a dress code:

    Though, it is not necessary but still it’s better to request your guests to follow a dress code. If you have plans for role-playing game then direct them to bring accessories like hats, glasses etc.

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    Place your furniture wisely:

    You must place your furniture wisely. For example, if everyone is a participant then you will use side tables to serve food and beverages. Similarly, you should make everything easily accessible for those who are not actively participating. Do not forget to put knife, fork, spoon, napkins, tissues and other things in your serving tray.

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    Prepare different types of food:

    You must plan your menu wisely as most gamers will not be able to leave the table just for food and drinks. Try to offer things that are easy to carry and eat. For instance, you may include sandwiches, canapés, pizzas etc in your menu.

  • 6

    Place trash cans near the tables:

    Last but not the least; you should place the trash cans near the tables so that there is zero possibility of a mess.

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