How to Be a Long Distance Valentine

Whether your together or being separated miles away from each other, it simply doesn’t matter when it comes to Valentine’s Day. You can make your partner feel loved and cared about despite being separated by a long distance just by making some simple efforts for them to acknowledge.


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    Talk to Him/Her

    Although there's no substitute for your absence by your partner's side on a Valentine's Day, yet that doesn't mean that you shouldn't try to consulate that with other measures. Talking can really help, as it would make your loved one share their feelings and tell you how much they missed you there being with them. Talk to them about it, make them feel that the distance doesn't matter, and sooner or later you both will be together.

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    Valentine's Day E-cards

    Since the advent of internet, the tradition of e-cards has widely grown all around the world. People send their family and friends tons of e-cards upon different festivals as a sign that they still remember them despite haven't been able to stay in touch. This gesture is as important to your long distance partner, as it is to any other family or friend on some random festive occasion. An e-card would least bring a smile on the face of your loved one. That can be done with a matter of a single click, as all it requires is a tiny effort from your side, one that doesn't involve spending a dime!

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    Send Flowers

    Valentine's Day is considered to be incomplete without the involvement of red roses. Make sure that your partner doesn't miss out on them just because you're not there with them. Order some red roses along with a small note for your spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend letting them know that how much you miss them, and the fact that you can't stop thinking about them this Valentines Day. Gestures such as these are those small things that tend to make a great impact on relationships.

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    The Surprise

    Apart from all the normal formalities that you're obliged to on Valentine's Day, try to come up with something creative for your partner. It can be a surprise dinner that you would have arranged for them, or a present that you've planned long ago, a creative element involved would show your commitment and the fact that you want this relationship to work no matter what. Such an effort would really make your partner happy, as they would realize how much you're trying to do for them, despite being miles away.

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    Webcam Chats

    Perhaps the most effective way to communicate with your loved one is through a webcam chat session. You can not only talk to your beloved partner, but also see them in person along with their emotions, expressions and the use of their body language can also establish more effective communication. You can use the webcam chat as a means to have a virtual date with your loved one, giving them a feeling that they're not alone on the Valentine's Day, despite the great distance lying between the two of you. This is the least you can do for your partner, as you cannot be there in person.

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