Homemade Valentine Card Stencils

In order to send a unique card to your partner, a remarkable Valentine’s Day party invitation card or even a customised love note then you need to carve your own stencils. These stencils can be made of paper, chipboard, cardboard or even cardstock. By putting an effort in making a special card is appreciated more than simply buying from a card shop. This customisation will show how important the receiver is and will also how much the sender cares.


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    You need to gather materials in order to make the base of a stencil. You can make the base with a paper but it will wrinkle and tear easily. Thus you should use a hard material like a chipboard or cardstocks to make the base of a stencil. These materials are easily available from any art supply stores. You can also find the material for making a valentine card stencil inside your house. You can cut a piece from the shoe box or any packaging present in your home.

    In order to give shape to the stencil, you need to get items which you will trace on the base by placing it. You need to make heart shapes and flowers and this can be done by placing cookie cutters, foam shapes or letter stickers on the base. Remember that you can even draw anything with your imagination.

    To cut the shape, you should have a sharp knife, cutting blade or scissors. Furthermore, cutting mats may also be required.

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    Next you need to decide the style of stencil on the valentine card you are making. You need to determine what size of the stencil you want on the card. For letters, you need to choose letter stickers which should be more than one inch tall as smaller fonts maybe difficult to cut out. In case you are using stencil to decorate the border of the card then measure the length and width of the card properly.

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    Creation of the stencil

    In order to make the stencil, you need to place it on a flat surface. Then place the object on the base and trace the outline. Later cut the object using scissors or craft knife along the lines drawn to cut out the shape. Later place the stencil on a blank card. Then use a paintbrush until the open area is completely covered.

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