How to Collect Signatures on Nominating Petition for an Election

So you plan on running for office? For those who are trying their luck and looking for support for the first time, it is a lot tougher than it sounds. You may also be supporting someone in getting elected to office which is why knowing how to collect signatures on a nominating petition for an election is beneficial either way.

One of the biggest reasons why candidates are normally dropped from the ballot is due to not having enough signatures on their nominating petition for an election. Follow some easy instructions to help you collect signatures on a nominating petition for an election.


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    Get the Instructions

    While the rules for collecting signatures on a nominating petition for an election may be similar around the United States, it is important that you read between the lines because there are still differences in each and every state. Not knowing those differences may just mean the difference between candidature and disqualification.

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    Obtain Nominating Petition Forms

    Nominating petition forms can be obtained from your local election office. This will be the easiest of locations to target, especially if you are running your own campaign or helping someone else. If you are participating in another person's campaign, it is most likely that the forms will be available from the candidate's campaign office or from party officials.

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    Voter Lists

    Going door-to-door is one thing, but when time is of the essence, it is important that you obtain voter lists from your local election office since they come in detail with voter names, addresses and usually which party they are affiliated. This essentially rules out the need for you to go to everyone in search of signatures.

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    Fill out Petition Formalities

    The basic information on a nominating petition for an election is the most important which many times, candidates do not bother filling properly. These aspects include information such as name of the candidate, their political affiliation and which position that they are contesting for in the elections.

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    Gather Signatures

    The next step is to getting signatures on the petition. Make sure to have each signer, give their signature properly and in accordance with the instructions you have learned in the previous steps through the election office. Any mistake such as wrong address, party affiliation or anything else may result in that petitioner being struck off from the petition and creating difficulties later on.

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