How to Treat Mom Like a Queen on Mother\’s Day

While you might love your mom unconditionally, there is rarely time enough to express the sentiment. Given the hectic nature of life, you probably only get to see her in the mornings, when you are rushing off to school or work and she’s trying to press more breakfast on you, and then when you come home tired at the end of the day.

However, Mother’s Day provides the perfect occasion to show your mom just how much you love her. To show your appreciation for all the things she does around the house all year, make sure you don’t let her lift a finger on this special day – pamper her and treat her like royalty, to make the occasion a memorable one.


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    Start the day on a perfect note by bringing your mom a luxurious breakfast in bed. Load the tray with her favourite breakfast items – whip up some heart-shaped pancakes or waffles with a pitcher of maple syrup and cream, fry her some eggs, toast a couple of slices of bread to perfection, and make a delicious and elaborate fruit salad. Put everything on a tray, with a glass of orange juice and a cup of tea, and add a small vase with a fresh flower in it as a finishing touch. Take the breakfast up to her and serve her in bed. Along with the breakfast, you can also present her with a ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ card.

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    Don’t let your mom lift a finger throughout the day – take care of all the chores that need doing. You can draw up a plan so the tasks are equally divided among all family members except mom, and make sure all the laundry, dishes, and errands are taken care of. Let mom lounge at ease, or do something for herself that she has been putting off for a while. Keep the day completely stress-free for her.

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    Plan an elaborate getaway to the spa for her. Book her for a couple of treatments like a manicure, pedicure, body treatment, followed by lunch with her close friends. A couple of luxurious hours at the spa with her friends will feel like a mini-vacation, and put her in a fabulous mood. Make sure you arrange for transport to the spa and back home, so mom doesn’t need to deal with traffic jams and obnoxious drivers, or worry about parking space.

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    Follow the spa experience up with a shopping trip or just get her a present (make sure it is something you know she likes, wants, and can use). After you come home from the shopping trip, give your mom some time off for herself – she can nap, read a book, or catch up on some shows she has been meaning to watch. If there are small kids in the family, supervise them and keep them busy, to make sure they don’t disturb mom.

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    Finally, end the day with dinner and dessert – you can either take her out to her favourite restaurant, or prepare an exquisite home-cooked meal. If you decide to do dinner at home, make sure you cook all her favourite things, and set the table up so that everything looks perfect.

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