How to Write a Music Review of a Live Concert

A review is extremely important for any band or musician in the world. This way they get to know about their critics, and where exactly do they lack. Therefore, writing reviews for music is a job that requires no technical skill, but a little knowledge about the music itself. Concerts simply give you the opportunity to say a lot about them. They offer you a lot of stories regarding the music which was being played. You just have to summarize each and everything down to write a music review. However, the live music review is not only about your perspective; in fact, you just have to offer the band with a constructive critique.


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    You must first acquire a press pass from the venue. Explain to them how you have been doing a fine job writing reviews before as well. Show them your credentials and how you are a good writer. This will help you access the concert area and you will be able to walk freely, unlike the normal concert-goers who are not allowed to visit the back stage. Once you have the liberty to go anywhere you want, sit in a place where you believe you can hear the perfect sound; probably right in the centre.

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    It’s not necessary for you to like the music that is being played there. There’s always a specific genre of music that you would prefer over others. However, you should still try and enjoy the concert. Look for the sound, and see whether it is helping the people in the concert enjoy themselves. Also, check out the energy, the lighting and the performance as a whole.

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    Start writing a review about the band, and not about your own interests. Write a review from a neutral perspective and how much the audience enjoyed it. Your review should be one of those which will attract the readers and they would want to read more about it. It is for those who have not heard the artist before, and you are trying to inform them about this ‘new’ musical invention. Also, speak about the time duration of the show and how much the ticket cost.

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    When you are done writing, give a little critical review about each and everything that you have experienced throughout the concert. Proofread your work before you publish it and even ask your friend to proofread it for you. A third-party is always helpful in such scenarios.

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