Poetry Reading Day Overview

28th April is celebrated as Poetry Reading Day to honor the poets and their verses. Poetry is not something new to us. It has a history as old as mankind itself. The oldest samples available today are of 1700 to 1200 BC. We all listen to or read the poetry almost daily in different forms. Sometimes it is in the form of verses that we read and mostly as lyrics of the songs we hear. We enjoy good poetry because it touches our hearts and reflects our feelings and emotions. Then why is this day chosen to be a poetry reading day? In routine we pass by sweet verses without consideration and acknowledgment. The Poetry Reading Day is to tribute the good poetry work and the whole day is dedicated to appreciate the great verses in as many ways as we can.


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    History of Poetry Reading Day

    As poetry is an important part of our lives but mostly it goes unnoticed so in order to bring it to foreground Poetry Reading Day was started around 2007. Though the origin and actual date when it started for the first time is not known but still the popularity of this day is increasing every year.

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    Importance of Poetry Reading Day

    In this era of TV, laptops and mobiles when no one has time to pay attention to the literature related matter, it is need of the hour to have a day when we read the classic collection and also appreciate the new additions to poetry.

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    How to Celebrate Poetry Reading Day

    To celebrate Poetry Reading Day there are many interesting options, a few are listed down.

    - Read and listen to good poetry with reference and enjoy the unseen meaning reflected by it. Share the verses with friends and loved ones if you want to!

    - A Poetry Reading Day gathering or party can help spread the word.

    - You can enjoy even writing your own verses if you think you have the ability to write.

    - Search about the classical poetry of good old poets and choose to read some great work.

    - Get to know about new poets so that the upcoming talent joining this field can be appreciated.

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