How to Build a Rodeo Arena

If calf roping or barrel racing is your passion, you need an area where you can practise your skills to further improve on them. Even though there may be a training arena in your town but each time to make a trip, you may have to pay a fee to use the facility and then of course there is fatigue to travel all the way to the arena especially if the arena is located far off from where you live. One of the possible solutions to this problem is to build your own rodeo arena.


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    You need to choose an area large enough to build a rodeo arena. The size of a normal rodeo arena is 150 feet by 240 feet. There may be some trees growing in the area that you choose. Have them rooted out and hire a professional to level the area. You can level the chosen area yourself if you want.

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    Proper drainage is a very important part towards building a rodeo arena. For proper drainage, you will have to hire a professional considering the fact that if the arena is not properly drained; you may have to wait for as long as a month after a week of rain.

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    You will need enough quantity of base material to fully cover the arena. Haul in loads of clay, gravel and sand. Use clay as the base material and top it with a mixture of gravel and sand. Make sure that the layers are compact and not just dumped around.

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    Now it comes to setting in place the top layer. Mostly, sand is used for the top layer because it drains water much more easily and does not create too much dust. Make sure that the top layer is thick enough to provide protection from the compacted layers below.

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    Fence off the arena prevent pets and other unwanted animals from entering the arena. To fence the arena, you can use wood, vinyl or livestock panels.

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    To complete the arena, hang at least a couple of gates in order to allow controlled access from both ends of the arena. You may consider installing small pens or chutes if required.

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