Easter Day Overview

For those who do not know much about Easter, it is festival and holiday in the Christian community that is celebrated to commemorate rebirth of Jesus Christ. According to New Testament, it is actually the third day after his apparent execution at Calvary, ancient Jerusalem. Before Easter, there is a fasting period of forty days known as Lent which is meant for praying, reparation and apology for sins. The last week of this period (Lent) is known as Holy Week and it has days like Maundy Thursday for commemorating Last Supper of Jesus followed by Good Friday to commemorate execution of Jesus. Some other names and events like Easter Day, Easter Sunday, Resurrection Day and Resurrection Sunday are also associated with Easter. Each of these days have their own significance and are observed accordingly by the Christian community around the globe.


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    Forty-Day Fasting

    About 40 days before Easter, there is a 40-day fasting period. Besides fasting, the month is spent in praying, reparation and apology for sins. The 40-days period is divided in six weeks starting from Ash Wednesday and continuing till Maundy Thursday.

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    The Holy Week

    The last day of Lent or the 40-day fasting period is known as The Holy Week. It is known for some important days like Maundy Thursday for commemorating Last Supper of Jesus and Good Friday to venerate his crucifixion.

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    Maundy Thursday

    It is the last Thursday and the fifth one of the Holy Week just before Easter observed to commemorate the last supper of Jesus Christ with Apostles.

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    Good Friday

    The Good Friday is the sixth day of the holy week and is observed to commemorate the death or execution of Jesus Christ. The name of this day varies according to different communities such as Black Friday, Holy Friday, Great Friday, or Easter Friday.

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    Easter Day or Easter Sunday

    The first Sunday followed by the Good Friday is actually the Easter Day. It is also known as Easter Sunday and is observed in the Christian Community around the world to commemorate the rebirth of Jesus Christ on the 3rd Day after his death. The delight and celebration associated with this day is to show the rise of Jesus Christ.

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