How to Throw an Oscar Party

If you are an Oscar lover, you can enjoy it to the fullest by celebrating it with your friends and family members by throwing a party. If you are a little creative, you can recreate the glamour, excitement and the glitz of the Oscars in the comfort of your home. An Oscar party however, does not have to be a huge one. You should just invite your close and trusted friends; otherwise, the party will take a formal shape, which will not allow you to concentrate on the awards.

Things required:

– Evening gowns
– Tuxedos
– Oscar Ballots
– Blank Tapes
– Microphones
– Beer
– Non-alcoholic beverages
– Party snacks
– Wines
– Rhinestone Necklaces
– Fake Oscar Statue
– Black Pens
– Folding Chairs


  • 1

    Comfortable seating

    In order to make sure that everyone has a clear view of the television screen, you should have plenty of comfortable seating, which should be placed in such a way that people have an undisrupted view.

  • 2

    Make a mix tape

    To play in the background before and after the ceremony, you need to make a 90-minute mix tape of recognizable movie themes. You should put the tape on repeat in order to avoid the hassle.

  • 3


    You can have an Oscar-like feeling by wearing evening gowns and tuxes with rhinestone necklaces.

  • 4

    Announce the guests

    Use a microphone to announce the guests as they arrive at the party.

  • 5


    Arrange beverages and appetizers for the guests. The beverages should be alcoholic as well as non-alcoholic.

  • 6

    Pens and ballots

    You should have dozens of pens and ballots in the party, which should be distributed among the guests. These ballots should have all the Oscar nominees on them. Allow the guests to vote on the ballots just to see whose predictions turn out to be correct. This can be an extremely joyful activity and will enhance everybody’s interest before the start of the ceremony.

  • 7

    Award for accurate predictions

    At the end of the ceremony, you can tally the results. You can place awards for best predictions. Some people present fake Oscar awards to the people who have given the most number of accurate predictions. You should also make it mandatory for the winner to give an acceptance speech to make it more fun.

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