Bat Cake Decoration for Halloween

Halloween, celebrated on 31st October every year, is an amusing holiday for both elders and children as it is all about fantasy, scary looks and sweets. Be imaginative this Halloween and turn any store-bought cake into a silly or spooky Halloween Bat Cake, impressing all your family and friends.

There are hundreds of ways for Bat Cake Decoration for Halloween. Nevertheless, this simple guide of step by step contains simple BUT eye-catching methods for bat cake decoration in order to make your Halloween a most memorable one:


  • 1

    Bake any of your favorite cake (in round shape) at home or buy it from your nearest bakery store. Place the specific cake on a cutting board and slash it right from the center.

  • 2

    Now, take a rectangular thick card-board and line it with a wax sheet or oiled foil paper. Place the two slices of cake on the lined rectangular card-board, side by side to create bat’s wing look.

    Note: Make sure that the ends of the two pieces of cake are joined together in order to create a bat’s wing look.

  • 3

    Add some blue frosting to the pieces of cake and spread it all over the lower half portion of the cake. Use a metal spatula or knife to smooth and level the frosting in order to get a neat and smooth look. Add some dark chocolate’s crumbs to the remaining portion of the cake.

    Note: As you can see, blue frosting is used in this bat cake, but you any use any other color’s frosting that you like.

  • 4

    Take an empty pastry bag with a small pointed nozzle and fill it with black frosting. Seal it, hold firmly and make wavy lines in the bottom of the bat’s wings to highlight them. Now, use the same black frosting and pipe small stars to the remaining portion of the bat’s wings.

    Note: Once again, black frosting is used in this bat cake, but you can use it in any other color that you like.

  • 5

    Set the bat cake aside until the frosting on it dries out thoroughly.

  • 6

    The bat’s wings are all set; it is the time to add in its head. Take a medium chocolate ball and cut it right from the center. Now, grab any one piece of chocolate ball and place it in the center of the bat’s wings with the flat side down.

  • 7

    Use the same black frosting in the pastry bag to cover the face of the bat with stars.

  • 8

    Take another pastry bag with its corners snipped off and fill it with white frosting. Gently pipe the white frosting to make the ears, eyes and mouth on a face of the bat.

  • 9

    Your Bat Cake Decoration for Halloween is all done; stand back and admire your efforts.

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