Valentine Party Food Ideas for Kids

Valentine’s Day is not only for couples and lovers. Kids can enjoy this day as well. Valentine’s food parties are organised in schools or at home so children can enjoy and get information of the importance of this day. After celebrating this occasion, the kids will have better knowledge of what to do and how to celebrate this day with partners when their emotions evolve.

In valentine parties, the theme is already selected. You can find many heart shaped food items. Normal food items are also cut in hearts and served. Mostly food items are red and pink in colour.


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    Heart-shaped Pizzas

    One of the major food items for a valentine party for kids can be pizzas. You can make heart-shaped pizzas and let children do the topping of what flavours they desire. Make the pizza by shaping the dough in heart shape.

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    Heart sandwiches

    You can get heart sandwiches for your valentine’s kids party. Cut the sandwiches into heart shape with a heart-shaped cookie cutter. In order to match these sandwiches to the theme of the party, you can apply strawberry, cherry or raspberry jam.

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    Heart-shaped candies and chocolates

    You can always buy heart-shaped candies and chocolates and place on the table. You can put these in baskets and place baskets in the centre of the table in the room or place it on teacher’s desk in a class room. The teacher can give one candy to each student or allow students to pick a candy.

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    You can always get heart-shaped cookies for the valentine’s party for kids. You can bake cookies in heart shapes and then allow kids to decorate these.

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    You need to get red fruits salad in order to match it with the theme of the party. You can make salad from red fruits including strawberries, cherries, raspberries and red apple.

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    Heart cake

    You need to get a heart-shaped cake for dessert at your party. You can buy these cakes from a bakery shop or simply make it in your home. For the party in school, you can make a heart-shaped cake in your house a night before the party. You can make a heart-shaped cake by simply getting a square and a round-shaped cake. Then cut the round-shaped cake in half and place it besides the square-shaped cake in a way it gives a heart look.

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    You can serve red punch in the valentine’s party for children. In order to give it a fizzy touch, you can always add lemon soda in the punch you have selected for the party.

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