13 Most Bizarre Wedding Customs in the World

Certain countries and cultures in the world have their own customs when it comes to weddings. Some have a custom that a man is going to carry his wife into the room, while others state that you are not married before you have two children. We have listed down the most absurd customs which this world still practices whenever a couple is getting married in different cultures. Scroll down and get ready to be surprised.


  • 1

    Southern Sudan

    The Neur tribe which exists in Southern Sudan believes that a wedding is not complete until the bride has given birth to at least two children. Before that time the groom can seek a divorce.

    two babies
  • 2


    In France, it is a custom that friends of the bridge and groom get together outside the couple’s house on the first night and bang pots and pans.

    pots and pans
  • 3


    In Sweden, if the groom goes to the bathroom during his wedding, then every male sitting in the reception gets to kiss the bride.

    groom bathroom
  • 4


    Newlyweds are given new dishes as gifts in in Germany. However, they are later smashed by the relatives in order to get rid of evil spirits.

    broken dish
  • 5

    Different Countries

    It is a custom that the bridge is supposed to wear white in Christian marriages. However, several other countries believe that white is a colour of mourning and make coloured dresses.

    coloured wedding gown
  • 6


    In Fiji, the groom is expected to bring the bride’s father a whale’s tooth before marriage.

    whale's tooth
  • 7


    In Ireland, the bride is asked to keep at least one foot on the floor throughout her time in the wedding. They believe that evil fairies could take her away if she fails to comply.

    bride's feet
  • 8


    In certain villages of Africa, an older woman is asked to accompany the bride and the groom on the first night of the wedding.

    african marriage
  • 9

    Irish Countries

    A few Irish countries have a custom where men would dress up in straw, go to the bride’s house and dance.

    men dressed in straw
  • 10


    A group living in Chinese Inner Mongolia, known as Daur, have a custom where they ask the couple to kill a chick each with a knife which they both hold.

    killing a chicken
  • 11


    In Indian culture, certain women are born on a date where they are cursed and would bring death to their husbands. In order to lift this curse they have to marry a tree before marrying the guy they are expected to marry.

    marrying a tree
  • 12


    In a certain part of China, women in the family of the bridge are expected to cry every day for one hour at least a month before the wedding takes place.

    chinese woman crying
  • 13


    In Kenyan Masai, the father can only bless his daughter by spitting on her head.


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