How to Celebrate Good Friday Holiday

Good Friday, also known as Great Friday, Black Friday, Silent Friday, or Holy Friday, is the most mournful event in the history of Christianity. Christians around the world observe this event on the Friday before Easter Sunday. This holiday is celebrated in the memory of the affliction and death of Jesus Christ. The Christians actually honor Jesus Christ’s sacrifice, believing he saved the souls of the faithful. Even if you are not a practicing Christianity, you can observe this day to show your feelings and respect for Jesus and your concern towards others’ other religions. Go through this article to get an idea of how to celebrate Good Friday:


  • 1

    Cover all the symbols

    Wrap all the symbols of Christianity, including pictures, crosses, and statues, in order to express mourning for Christ's death.

  • 2

    Keep the churches and home unlit

    Now blow out all candles in the churches to memorialize the execution of Jesus Christ who taught people to have complete trust in God and love their enemies too.

  • 3

    Attend church’s Good Friday services

    Make sure to attend your nearest church’s Good Friday services. Dress up properly and do not leave the church in the mid of the services as it can divert other’s concentration.

  • 4

    Fast on Good Friday

    You can fast on Good Friday to show your love for Jesus Christ who sacrificed his life for humanity. However, make sure that you are healthy enough to abstain from all food and drinks for the whole day.

  • 5

    Dress in black vestments

    If you are a priest of a church or a deacon, make sure to dress in black vestments.

  • 6

    Take part in the Holy Communion

    You can also take part in the Holy Communion given at Catholic and other churches.

  • 7

    Strip off Church’s ornaments

    Strip off all the ornaments of the churches and set the altar bare, keeping the door of the tabernacle open.

  • 8

    Take part in the Stations of the Cross

    Participate in the Stations of the Cross at the Good Friday service. You will find numerous banners and paintings displayed in order to disclose the scenes depicting Christ’s crucifixion and death.

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