How to Make Spooky Garden Fence

Making Spooky Garden Fence for a unique but scary Halloween display is super easy, low-cost and quick to do task. The spooky fence not only protects your garden but enhances the overall Halloween decorations of your house as well. Try to create as creepy garden fence as you can as Halloween is all about spine-chilling activities and decorations.

This effortless guide of step by step contains a very easy procedure to make spooky garden fence, follow it and have a super hit Halloween:

Things you will need to make Spooky Garden Fence:

– 2 foam board (about 40mm in thickness)
– 1 foam board (about 20mm in thickness)
– A big jar or glue
– 1 large can of gray water-based house paint
– A black and chocolate brown water-based paint
– Paint brushes (medium and small)
– Iron or wooden fencings
– Artificial cob webs
– Newspapers
– Cutter knife


  • 1

    First of all decide the length and width of your foam board fence posts according to your choice and requirement.

  • 2

    Now place the foam board on a smooth surface and use a pencil and scale to sketch the base for each fence post. Cut them carefully using a cutter knife.

  • 3

    Grab the large thinner piece of the foam board and cut into frames, keeping the base size of the posts in mind.

  • 4

    Place the frames on the top of the base posts and glue them together. Set the fence posts aside to dry at room temperature.

  • 5

    Take advantage of the leftover pieces of the foam board and cut out letters for your warning sign and skulls. Your warning letters can be something like “Hazard”, “Turn Back!”, “Danger and “Dead End!” etc.

  • 6

    Now, glue the letter to inner surface of the frame of fence post and leave them to dry well.

  • 7

    Pick out the sharp cutter knife and cut the sharp edges so that the posts can stand on the surface smoothly.

  • 8

    Spread some newspaper on the floor and place the fence posts and skulls on it. Now, coat the posts with some black and chocolate brown water-based paint. Set aside for some time until the paint dries completely.

    Note: Do not make the mistake to use spray paint on the foam board as it the aerosol in it will destroy the foam.

  • 9

    Once the posts and skulls dry well, install them around your garden along with the metal or wooden fence, depending on your budget for the spooky garden fence. Now, set the painted skulls on the top of the fence posts.

  • 10

    Once your garden fence is concluded, decorate it with some artificial cobweb with large scary and creepy spiders scattered across it. This finishing touch will give a spooky look to your Halloween garden fence. Enjoy some nice comments from your friends, family and guests.

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