25th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

A 25th or silver wedding anniversary is a very special achievement. The fact you have been in a dedicated and caring relationship with the same person for a quarter of a century makes this day amazing. If you are having your 25th wedding anniversary and are looking to buy a great gift for your loved one, then just keep the colour silver in mind and follow some important guidelines.

Things Required:

– Silver Jewellery
– Silver Cuff Links
– Silver Decorative Boxes
– Silver Picture Frame
– Decorative items
– Works of Art


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    Men can give their partner some nice elegant silver jewellery. A whole set is particularly nice but if it is too expensive, then silver earrings or bracelets are a good gift idea. On the other hand, women can give their loved one silver cuff links or collar stays. These items are also nice as men appreciate the style. Remember, you know your partner better than anyone, so keep their interests in mind when buying any particular jewellery item.

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    You can buy items for your spouse related to their hobbies. In case your spouse is a writer or deal with lots of paper work, you can buy a silver plated pen or paperweight. In case your husband likes to smoke cigarettes or cigars, you can give a silver lighter or cigar pouch. Men will also enjoy a wooden cigar case engraved with their initials or the anniversary date in silver. Men can give silver decorative boxes or any other item that goes with her hobbies and interests.

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    Memorable Items

    The goal of buying a 25th wedding anniversary gift is to get something that marks this special day. The gift should be memorable and represent the time you have spent together. A silver picture frame in which many different photos can be placed is always a great gift idea. Both of you can sit and go through all your old photo albums and put only the most memorable pictures inside the frame. Other items that make a good gift are large decorative pieces or works of art that can be placed around the home.

    You can buy your spouse a silver, silver-plated or metallic frame. Insert a picture from your wedding album or your memorable moment spent together and give it to your spouse. You can make the frame further special by engraving your wedding date on it. Besides this, you can buy a digital photo frame, Smartphone or an MP3 player. Include pictures of your wedding day and other memorable days in it.

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