4 Battles that Changed the World

The battlefield is always a strange place, not only for the people who are fighting but also for others. People are willing to act violently with honour and courage living inside them. Even the most positive of people have a different perspective once they enter a battlefield. For better or for worse, the history of human kind has always seen different wars. People have made sacrifices to change the course of their world and also their surroundings.

We have listed down certain wars which have taken place in the past and they had a significant role to play in the changing of the world. These wars are in no particular order but you can always pick out the one which you believe had the highest impact.


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    Tet Offensive 1968

    This was most definitely the decisive battle of the Vietnam War. Viet Cong launched a battle against the South Vietnam, the United States and even their allies. This is known as the Tet Offensive because it was fought in the Vietnamese New Year, known as Tet. Almost 80,000 communists were well-prepared for this battle and after a well-coordinated attack throughout the country, they were able to take down the US army for the first time in the history. It is still labelled as the largest military operation ever conducted.

    tet offensive
  • 2

    Atomic Bombings of Japan 1945

    Everyone knows about the Atomic Bombings of Japan. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were absolutely destroyed by the US. While fighting during the World War, Japan first decided to attack Pearl Harbour, which was owned by the US army. After absolutely crushing the Harbour, US later retaliated with two nuclear bombs which they decided to throw on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

    atomic bomb
  • 3

    Battle of Stalingrad 1942-1943

    This was one of the most major and crucial battles which were fought during World War II. The Soviet Forces were fighting off the Germans and despite the fact that the German army was strong; the Soviet forces somehow maintained the control of Stalingrad between 1942 and 1943. This is still considered to be one of the deadliest and bloodiest battles in the history.

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    Battle of Waterloo 1815

    The final battle which was fought by Napoleon Bonaparte. This battle ended his rule in France. Waterloo, which is known as Belgium in the world of today, was the battle ground between Napoleon forces and the Seventh Coalition. After the battle was over, Napoleon was once again sent to exile in St Helena where he died in 1821.

    battle of waterloo

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