How to Make Spooky Graveyard

Converting the front or back yard of your house into a spooky graveyard is a fun activity and a superb idea to get a Halloween feel for your guests. Creating a spooky graveyard on Halloween is not tricky to do, but if you really want to fright your friends or guests you can simply put a little more creative thought into your graveyard decorations. There is no need to do over stuff decorations as it gives an ugly look. Therefore, select few BUT unique Halloween accessories for making a spooky graveyard.

Given below instructions will guide you in making a spooky graveyard:


  • 1

    Plan out the Spooky Graveyard

    Take a pen and paper, sit in a calm place and plan what you really want to do. Just close your eyes, imagine how you want your spooky graveyard look like and then write it down on the paper.

  • 2

    Inspect the Back or Front Yard of Your House

    It is the time to practically implement your plan. So, visit the backyard or front yard of your house to get an idea of the available space.

  • 3

    Add the Graves

    As you are making a graveyard, the graves are compulsory part of your project. Buy graves of various shapes and sizes and insert them in various corners of the selected area. Create more terrifying environment by installing the graves that talk, and light up.

    Note: Make sure not to put too many grave in one spot as it looks stuffy.

  • 4

    Add the Creepy Dummies

    Now, add some creepy dummies to selected area of your house to create more practical, scary, and cool graveyard. Buy variety of dummies from your nearest market or make them at your home as it is a simple activity. Once you get the mannequin in hand, place chair or benches on various spots of the selected area and set the dummies on it. You can use a transparent thread to fix them firmly. The secondly available option is to hang the dummies on the branches or trunk of the trees in that specific area.

  • 5

    Add a Large Coffin

    Although adding a large coffin is not compulsory, but it plays vital role in creating more natural spooky and scary look. You have the following options available to set the coffin in the graveyard:

    - If you want to keep the coffin open; then place a dummy inside it.

    - If you want to keep it close; then set it in front of any of the installed dummies.

  • 6

    Park an Old Model Car in Your Graveyard

    Again it’s not easy task, but it helps in creating the desired look. Park an old model car in the selected area to give it a graveyard look. You can add a ripped cloth and blood stain to the bonnet of the specific car for a more horrifying effect. Consult the scrap car dealers of your area and get a car hired for Halloween.

  • 7

    Add Creepy Lights

    Add colorful lights to the chosen area in order to create creepier look. Blue, black and red lights give superb Halloween feel with their glowing scary effects. Add store-bought lights in pumpkin lights, skeleton lights and spider lights etc for real scary environment. If you find it expensive or difficult to add lights to the grave yard, then take advantage of the parked old car and some cellophane papers. Turn on the lights of the car and cover their front side with colorful cellophane papers. It will give multi-colored effect.

  • 8

    Scatter Dry Leaves

    Scatter dry and dead leaves all over the selected area for graveyard. Collect rotten leaves from your nearest garden or park.

  • 9

    Add Artificial Spider Web

    Ready-made spider webs are easily available in the market. Buy and add them to your Halloween graveyard. You can spread the spider webs around the parked car and the added coffin.

  • 10

    Install a Fog Machine

    Place one fog machine in the coffin and another one on the entry gate or any other corner of the graveyard. The pumped out smoke creates scary atmosphere.

  • 11

    Play a Scary Music

    Playing a scary music is a must do in creating a Spooky Graveyard. All you have to do is, set a CD player with some scary music.

  • 12

    Seal your Spooky Graveyard

    Make a fence around the created graveyard in order to protect it from the entry of animals or individuals in the night.

  • 13

    Your Spooky Graveyard is Ready

    Congratulations! You have successfully created a Spooky Graveyard for Halloween. Enjoy!

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