How to Have a Tea Party at Home

Tea parties are a wonderful way to socialise with family and friends. These are not regular parties, as you do not have to worry about arranging proper food. We often get together with our friends, family members, and relatives to enjoy time, and turning the gathering into a tea party can make it even more pleasant and refreshing. If you are planning to arrange a tea party at home, you should know that home-based parties can save you lot of money and time.


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    Set the time

    Set the time for your tea party. The decision about the time depends entirely on you, but traditionally, most people arrange tea parties during the afternoon or in the evening. Despite this, you should first ask yourself whether your guests will find it easy to show up at the time you decide on. You may be planning to throw a small party that does not require a lot of arrangements and preparations, but asking your guests in advance about what time will suit them is wise.

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    Make sure you have necessary tea supplies available at home

    A tea party will require you to have all the supplies needed to prepare and serve tea to the guests. Some of the most important supplies that you will need for the party include saucers, a tea pot, a pitcher of milk, sugar, tea leaves, cups, water, utensils and of course napkins. In addition, you can get light snacks to serve with tea, such as scones, sponge cake, or watercress sandwiches.

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    Buy tea

    Since you are going to have a proper tea party, with a couple of or several guests expected to show up, you should arrange for tea in advance. In order to make the party more refreshing, buy different varieties of tea. There are several varieties such as green tea, blended tea, oolong tea, white tea and black tea. If you have time, you can ask the guests what variety they would like to have.

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    Get help in preparing tea if the gathering is big

    Get someone to help in the preparation of tea if the gathering is big and you don’t have enough time to focus on all the arrangements.

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    Make a list of guests and send out invitations

    Finally, it is time to make a list of guests and send out invitations. If you are planning to invite close relatives, then you may not feel the need to make a list. However, you will need a guest list for a proper tea party where you plan to invite a number of guests.

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