How to Throw a Japanese Announcement Party

Japan boasts a rich culture and Japanese have their own ways to celebrate, enjoy and party. No matter which city of the country you go, you will find almost the same spirit and passion with which people enjoy their traditions and time. Since there are various customs in Japanese culture, throwing an announcement party also requires some know-how of the country’s traditional ways.

These days, you may not see as many Kimono-clad women strolling down the streets as you would five decades ago, but there have been some traditions that still hold importance among Japanese and they have to be followed in order to make things “go Japanese.”


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    Food is the most important element in any Japanese announcement party and if there is no food, there is no fun and excitement. So, be sure to make the food as Japanese as you can.

    Learn about different Japanese dishes and food and how they are served in parties.  Usually, it is the couple (who is getting engaged) which arranges the announcement party and all preparations are done by its family members and friends.

    It is not necessary to serve Japanese-style food to the visitors, but you can also introduce a variety of Chinese and French cuisine. Chinese or French cuisine is equally popular in Japan due to the country’s rich and flexible culture.

    If you have no idea how Japanese dishes are prepared or served, have a caterer do all the cooking for the party. Catering service will be worth it as you will save plenty of time and energy and can focus on other things of the party.

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    Gifts are an integral part of any Japanese announcement party and it is usually the couple that presents gifts to attendees. Most of the times, the gifts are presented to special guests, however, it is common in Japanese culture to give gifts to friends, family members and general guests of the party.

    If you have no idea what to present at the upcoming announcement party, do a little Google search and gain an insight into traditional Japanese gifts. You can also visit gift stores to make a list of gifts. It is not necessary to present traditional Japanese gifts to your special guests, you can give anything you think is of importance to your guest.

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    Wedding cake

    Wedding cakes have made their way into Japanese culture in the past few decades. Cakes are a sign of joy and excitement, so get one that grabs everyone’s attention.

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