How to Survive an Undead Apocalypse

An undead apocalypse is no laughing matter. As the world becomes a global village not only is technology fanning the flames of a potential outbreak but some zombie virus which might get out will create a whole legion of undead roaming the streets of major towns across the world a reality. Even if you don’t believe in zombies and the undead there is still no excuse for not being prepared for anything similar to this nightmare. If you want to survive an undead apocalypse then follow some of these guidelines.


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    Hiding place:

    Make sure that you have a good secure hiding place when the undead apocalypse starts. It could be the basement of your house or if possible a cold war era bomb shelter would be an excellent choice.

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    Make sure that you have plenty of food, water and other stocks that you will need to survive the undead apocalypse. Also, make sure that you have enough for more than one person as you never know who you might get stuck with in your hiding place.

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    Try to store as much fuel as possible as you will need it to run cars and generators. Be sure to keep the fuel stored in a safe place as you do not want it to catch fire.

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    It doesn’t matter how well you can fight, it is always a good idea to keep some guns and knives in your hiding place when the undead apocalypse starts. It is usually better safe than sorry when it comes to having weapons.

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    Try to make sure that you have plenty of other equipment like tools, lights, batteries and radios on hand when the undead apocalypse starts. You will not have time to go to your local hardware store for supplies when the zombies come.

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    You will want to know what is going on outside while you are in your safe hiding place during the undead apocalypse. Television will most probably be knocked out during the apocalypse so it is a good idea to get some CB radios and walkie talkies. Learn how to use them as your life may depend on it.

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    It might be a good idea to keep a fully fueled motorcycle hidden somewhere that you can use to escape the undead apocalypse. Make sure it is a trail or off road type motorcycle so that you can cut through the mountain trails and escape the zombies quickly.

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    Go to the mountains:

    If you want to escape the undead apocalypse then head for the mountains and get a cabin or find a cave that you can use to live in. Be sure to have plenty of supplies as you will have to be out there for awhile.

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