Halloween Games for Kids

Kids love to play games and Halloween is their biggest excuse to have fun. Simple and interesting Halloween games are the perfect options to the cute kiddies engaged and bring out their naughty spirit during the Halloween parties. Halloween games for kids are not only superb activities for fun but also help in polishing their abilities to compete.

On the other hand, it is really important to select the games according to the mental level of the kids. For example, you cannot involve them in games that require tough physical efforts or the ones that do not suit their age group. Given below are some of the best Halloween games for kids:


  • 1

    Eyeball Game

    Eyeball game for kids is simple to conduct and interesting activity to engage them. Take few ping-pong balls and decorate them like an eyeball, using various paints or markers. Divide the ping-pong eyeballs equally among the bowls. Decide the starting and finishing points of the game. Place some empty bowls at the finishing point of the game. Give one medium spoon to each kid, ask them to hold it in their mouth and instruct them to stand next to their eyeballs’ bowls. Once the game starts, the kids must shift the decorated ping-pong eyeballs into the empty bowls, without using their hands. The kid who transfers the most ping-pong eyeballs in the assigned time will be the winner.

    Note: In order to bring variation to the game, you can replace the ping-pong balls with candy corns.

  • 2

    Walk the Line

    Walk the Line is another attention-grabbing Halloween game to entertain the kids. Divide the kids into teams. Three to four kids in each team is enough.  Decide the starting and finishing points of the game. Now grab a colorful masking tape and draw straight lines for each team. Ask the kids of every team to walk the line backward. Once they reach the finishing point, they should turn around and walk backward to the starting point. The team of kids who accomplish the task first will be the winner of this game.

  • 3

    Fun with Food

    Fun with food is another interesting Halloween game for kids to check their love for food. Take few pieces of strings with equal length and tie them around the donuts. Now, hand the donuts from a burly stick or a branch of tree. Ask the kids to stand right in front of their donuts with both of their hand at their back and start eating the donuts. The one who finishes his or her donut first is the winner of this game.

    Note: You can replace the donuts with apples in order to make it more interesting and fascinating task for the kids.

  • 4

    Bobbing the Apples

    This Halloween game for kids is messy but they love to take part in it as it lets them play with water.  Place a big barrel with medium depth on a smooth surface and fill it with clean water. Now, float some small apples into water of barrel. Ask the kids to stand around the barrel with their hands on at their back. The kids have to pick the floating apples up, without using their hands and place on the table. The kid who picks more apples at the end of the assigned time will be the winner of this exciting game.

  • 5

    Spooky Musical Chairs

    Kids find Spooky Musical Chair game irresistible as it involves both music and physical activity. Take the participating kids to an open room of your house or to the open area and set up chair for the game – one less than the total number of players. Make sure to place the chair in opposite direction of each other. For example, if the first chair is towards East, then the next to it should be towards the West. Once you set the chairs, turn on the music and ask the kids to circle round the chairs with touching them.  The moment you stop the music suddenly, the kids must sit down in the chairs. One kid will be left standing and he or she will be out of the game. Continue this interesting game until one kid remains, who will be the winner of the game.

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