Ghost Cake Decoration for Halloween

Halloween celebrations remain incomplete without the desserts that are nicely wrapped up in the ghost’s dressing. The ghosts remain the traditional and central part of the Halloween’s celebrations all over the world every year as they are the spooky symbol of the holiday spirit. Now, if you are planning to throw a Halloween party for adults or children, the scary ghost cake will be the centerpiece of your Halloween celebrations.

Ghost Cake Decoration for Halloween is no doubt a very interesting activity and fun as well. So, follow the given below very simple methods of step by steps guide and enjoy the ghost cake decoration for Halloween:


  • 1

    Bake any size of round shape cake with the help of your favorite cake recipe. If you are not good in baking cake or do not have time to bake it, simply order it at your nearest bakery store.

  • 2

    Once you get the cake in hand, place it on a medium revolving cake stand and cover it with chocolate frosting. Take a medium metal spatula and use it to make some nice twirls on the top surface and the sides of your cake.

    Note: This recipe uses chocolate frosting, but you can replace it with any of your favorite frosting in any color.

  • 3

    Pick a toothpick with pointed tip and draw the shape of a ghost right at the top of the cake.  Now, fill the sketch of the ghost with some white sprinkles.

    Note: Once again, white sprinkles are used here, but you can substitute them with any other sprinkles that you like.

  • 4

    Now, it is the time to make the eyes and mouth of the ghost. Grab 2 chocolate coated raisins and place them side by side. Take two white confetti sprinkles and pipe some frosting to their back. Carefully place them in the center of the previously added chocolate coated raisins. Pick a toothpick and swirl the mouth shape below the two eyes of the ghost.

  • 5

    Your Ghost Cake Decoration for Halloween is all set to go; refrigerate it for some time until cool and serve immediately.

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