How to Dress to Compete In an English Riding Event

To put in a more straightforward manner, dressing for an English riding event is more or less the equivalent of going to a school where your teachers ask you to wear a certain type of dressing. Wearing the right attire for English horse riding events can make a huge difference. Although the Western and English riding techniques have a lot of similarities, there is a big difference in the type of equipment and dressing used by the riders.


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    In order to have a really good and different look in an English riding event, first you need to have a pair of basic riding pants. Usually a beige coloured pant with knee patches would do well.

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    Now comes the turn of boots. Although many people refrain from wearing them, tall boots will give you a dominating and different outlook from the rest of the competitors. Furthermore, riders of the past especially the famous ones, wore long boots at various riding events in England.

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    Wearing a belt is a must. Make sure that the belt you wear, has that rider-like appearance about it. it should blend in well with the horse you are riding and the whiplash you will be using.

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    Wearing the right type and coloured shirt will also give you a different look. First thing that you need to know about that shirt is that it should be long sleeved and should have a collar that is not a loose one. Furthermore, having embroidery done around the colour will also set you apart from the chasing pack.

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    However, your dressing does not end with the shirt. You also need to choose the right kind of coat for yourself. You need to buy a basic riding coat and should choose from either navy blue or dark grey. Although you can use other colours, the aforementioned ones are much better.

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    Riding without a helmet can be dangerous business especially if you are going for Endurance riding, Eventing, Horse Racing or Horse Balling (which is also called as rugby on horseback).  The helmet should be of black and velvet colour. Make sure that the helmet has hair nets which would keep your hair neat and tidy so that when you acknowledge the crowd, your hair is not messy when you take off your helmet.

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    While riding, you need to maintain your grip. Your hands will get splintered if you are not wearing gloves so buy a good pair of black gloves.

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