How to Create Your Own Valentine Song

Do you want to surprise your beloved this Valentine’s Day by creating a song especially for her? Do you simply want to celebrate the spirit of love and romance by singing about it? You can create your own Valentine song in no time, though you will have to show commitment to the task.


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    The first thing you need to do while creating your own Valentine song is to decide what you will exactly be singing about. You can either choose to sing about a special someone in your life, or you can sing about the spirit of Valentine in general. It will be important to keep in mind that if your song is about the spirit of Valentine, it will have a chance of attracting more people and likes, while a song specifically for your beloved will be something more personal.

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    After you have decided on the basic theme of your song, grab a pen and paper or sit in front of your computer and start writing down the lyrics. Take as much time as you want to complete the lyrics. You can take inspiration from other songs or by simply closing your eyes and thinking about your significant other. Remember that songs are just a way of expressing emotions and therefore you will need to dig deep in your heart and mind to pull them out. If you are creating your Valentine song for your beloved only, it would be a good idea to include her name in the lyrics so that they know that you used them as an inspiration while writing the lyrics.

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    After you are done writing the lyrics, you need to think of a composition. If you have friends who can play different musical instruments, ask them to come over and create a composition for your song. Otherwise, simply grab your guitar or piano and start playing them. You are bound to get struck with inspiration if you concentrate really hard on it.

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    After you have created a composition for your song, it is time to practice your song, Make sure you know the lyrics by heart. Sing the song over and over again while playing the guitar or piano to perfect it.

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    Once you feel confident that the song is ready for the ears of your beloved or the world, either contact a recording studio or simply switch on a recording device you own and start recording your song. Make sure you are close to the recording device.

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    Play the song after you are done recording it. Listen to it a few times to feel hundred percent sure that the song came out just the way you wanted it to. Ask yourself if the song comes off as romantic and conveys your feelings?

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    Once you are satisfied with the recording, either put it on a free video/music sharing website such as YouTube or SoundCloud. Alternatively, you can burn it on a CD.

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    Send the link of the song to your beloved on Valentine’s Day without revealing anything about the singer or the theme of the song. Alternatively, you can gift them the CD.

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