How to Make Bead Bunnies for Easter

Beaded bunnies make easy, colorful, artistic and striking Easter decorations and gifts. This craft project is not only fun, but very economical as compared to the pricey Easter decorations. Handmade beaded Easter bunnies are made with colored wooden beads, easily available in the craft stores. However, colorless beads are also available – providing you with an opportunity to paint them according to your own choice.

Ask your kids to join you in making bead bunnies  as it is their golden chance to polish their art and craft skills. These cute handmade bunnies are also a good way to get into the realistic meaning of Easter. They are totally customisable and take less than an hour.

Things Required:

– Acrylic paint
– Paint brush / craft brush
– Medium wooden bead
– Large wooden bead
– 2 pipe cleaners
– Permanent Marker
– Small pom-pom
– Craft Glue or adhesive
– Pen


  • 1

    Paint the Beads

    Blend your any color acrylic paint with a small craft brush until smooth and watery. Now use the coated brush to paint the two wooden beads from all sides. Leave the coated beads to dry completely. Apply second coat of the acrylic paint – if required.

  • 2

    String the Colored Beads

    Once dried, slide two pipe cleaners of the matching color through the holes of the beads.

  • 3

    Turn the Bunny

    Now twist the bunny so that the medium-sized bead is on the top of the large one, serving as its head.

  • 4

    Twist Pipe Cleaner’s Ends

    Twirl the ends of the pipe cleaner into perfect oval loops and adjust them to look like bunny’s ears and feet.

  • 5

    Finalize Bunny’s Face

    It is the time to draw Easter bunny’s face. Use a permanent marker to draw two perfect eyes and an upside-down triangle for a nose. Draw whiskers on the medium-sized wooden bead.

  • 6

    Add Pom-Pom

    Handmade Easter Bunny is incomplete without its cute tail. Attach a small pom-pom onto the back of the large wooden bead to form a nice tail, using a good quality craft glue or adhesive. Pom-poms are easily available in the craft stores, but you can make your own one as well.

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