How to Make a Simple Fall Bouquet

Presenting flower bouquet is a very effective way to express sentiments to someone. However, selecting flowers according to the season holds the key to make an appropriate bouquet. It is generally believed that not many flowers are available in autumn to make bouquets. The distinctive and rich colours of the fall can be used to make some of the very beautiful bouquets to present to your loved ones. Assembling a bouquet is pretty easy job and you can easily make an elegant arrangement of flowers within few minutes.

Things Required:

– Flowers
– Leaves
– Ribbons
– Pruning Shears
– Paper raffia


  • 1

    First thing first, you will need to collect all the flowers and leaves you have to use for making the bouquet. Gather colourful leaves, greens and fall flowers you can find in your garden or from the market. Make sure the stems of the flowers are at least 12 inches in length.

  • 2

    Use your hands or a utility knife to remove the leaves and foliage from the lower six inches of the flower stems. This will make easier for you to assemble the flowers in the bouquet.

  • 3

    Suppose you are a right-hander, you need to hold the flower with the longest stem in your left hand before proceeding.

  • 4

    Start attaching other greenery at an angle to the stem of the first flower. Hold them tightly and make sure to follow a symmetrical pattern.

  • 5

    You have to keep adding greenery and more flowers until your bouquet starts to take a rounded shape. Keep it symmetrical and maintain the round shape of it at all costs while adding more flowers to it.

  • 6

    Add more flowers at the circumference of the bouquet. You may choose a different colour for the edges of the bouquet to give it a distinctive look.

  • 7

    To keep the stems of the flowers intact, you can wrap up a rubber band just below the leaves. Ensure to leave some inches of stem below the rubber band and give extra loops to the band to hold the stems tightly.

  • 8

    Take pruning shears and trim the ends of the stems from the bottom. Make sure the length of all the stems is equal after the trimming.

  • 9

    As for covering up the rubber band, you can use a fall-coloured ribbon or strands of raffia.

  • 10

    Liquid amber, maple, nandina, pink or red oak and persimmon leaves are typical of autumn and will bring the real fall-look to your bouquet.

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