How to Make Your Spouse’s Birthday Special

Making sure that you remember your loved one’s birthday is really important, as it expresses that how much you think about them and where your priorities exist. For a husband or wife, making that day special for their spouse is something they’re obliged to do, as your partner has great expectations of you on that day. In order to be on par with those expectations, there are certain things that you should consider doing on their birthday.


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    Morning Wish

    Make the day special for him or her from the very start of the day. Don’t hesitate to express your love for them during the night. And when you wake up, have something special prepared for them. Whether it maybe their favourite meal in the breakfast or affectionate notes, try making the day special for him or her.

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    Do the Chores

    Take the responsibility of doing the whole chores at least for a day. Your spouse would really appreciate you taking the burden off them on their special day. They might ask you to let them lend a hand, but deny softly. Let them have their day off as it’s their birthday. It’s because of such small gestures that your spouse gets to realize how blessed he or she is to have someone like you, who really cares for them.

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    Birthday Surprises

    Plan out a special surprise for your partner. Use your creativity to arrange something unique yet special for them. Whether it maybe reservations for a getaway trip or a ticket to their favourite upcoming movie, a surprise would serve as a cherry on top for your beloved partner. Your effort would be really appreciated by your spouse, as it’s a reflection of commitment towards them.

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    Spoil Him/Her

    Apart from all the surprises and the party that you have planned for your spouse, you also have to get him or her a birthday present. If you’re wife is having her birthday, then get her something expensive like a new necklace or ring that she had been keeping an eye on lately. Or if it’s your husband who is having his birthday, then get him a present that he’s crazy about. You can get him a jersey of the team he supports, or a new fishing rod for him. Note that whatever present you may give him or her, it’s a gesture or a non-verbal message that you’re communicating to your spouse. Therefore, be careful when you’re choosing the present.

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    The Big Party

    Any birthday would be deemed incomplete if there is no birthday party included. Plan the party for your spouse weeks before the big day, just to make sure that you have everything covered prior to the party. Invite all his or her friends to the party, making sure that you don’t miss anyone. And if you could, arrange a DJ or a band to play all their favourite songs, that would be good too. Confirm your reservation for the cake from the local bakers, as you really don’t want the party to be spoiled by the absence of it. Moreover, have a contingency planning as well, just in case if things don’t turn out the way you planned them to be.

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