How to Prepare a Lesson Plan for American Red Cross Month

There are many organisations all over the world that are performing some of the most important tasks for the survival of people who are without the means they need. Red Cross is an international organisation that takes care of people the world over and has its presence in just about all the countries on the map.

In order to show the gratitude to the organisation, the American Red Cross month is celebrated in US and awareness is created about the functions that the organisation performs. If you are a teacher and looking to make lessons for it, this can be done with ease if you are paying enough attention.


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    The Grade

    The first thing that you need to consider is that which grade you will be delivering the lesson to. You cannot be delivering an in detail lecture to students in primary school. Similarly you do not want it to be too simple if you are teaching a Senior High School class.

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    Know the History

    In order to prepare the lesson, you should know about the history and functionality of the organisation yourself. Make sure that you go through the various aspects and the contributions that the organisation has made over the course of its existence. This will give you a great idea of what you want to include in the lesson.

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    Make the introduction solid and interesting at the same time. It will settle the tone for the rest of the lesson. Make sure that it does not include too little or too much information as it can leave the listen gasping for more or too stressed by what is provided to them.

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    Break down the body of the lesson into various parts. Try to keep them concise and prepare them in an engaging manner. This will keep the students interested and they will continue to learn as well. It is a win-win situation.

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    Practical Assignments

    Once the lesson has been delivered, give an assignment to the students. A part of it should be from the lesson and a part of it should be to make them explore something new about the organisation that was not in the lesson. Not only will they learn something new, it will also help them in doing research on their own which is very crucial in this day and age.

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