How to Order From Edible Arrangements

If you want to buy a nice present for a special person, think about an edible arrangement created with the help of fresh fruits. Fruit baskets and bouquets make a great present for birthdays, marriages, anniversaries. On the other hand, it is also a romantic and sweet gift for your other half on Valentine’s Day. Moreover, you can make a centerpiece with flowers. Nevertheless, try to create an edible arrangement that you and your friends can eat as well. This will make it a memorable event. Know that there are a number of ways to order from edible arrangements with good effect.


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    Plan the design

    Ponder of what your bouquet design will be. You can do that easily such as chocolate covered strawberries which is a beautiful bouquet. You can also make combinations of a lot of fruits and slice them in various shapes and the bouquet will get complicated. Think about the theme for your bouquet, the colors that you want to use and whether you want a small, medium or a large bouquet. Decide a container, basket or vase keeping in mind the size and theme of your edible arrangement. Make sure you wash and dry the basket.

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    Further instructions

    Place florist’s foam, play lettuce head or a play dough in the vicinity of the basket. If you have foam, wrap it with plastic or foil to protect it from food and conceal it with lettuce leaves to hide it. Wash and dry the fruits with a paper towel but first, select which fruits you wish to place in the edible arrangement. Ready skewers in various length to make your fruit arrangement. Place every kind of fruit on a different skewer with the exception of grapes, melons or cubes of pineapples. Cut pineapple, watermelon or melon into small pieces and create hearts, flowers or butterflies by putting cutters into pieces of fruits.

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    Melon and strawberries

    Slice melon in half and draw out the seeds with a spoon or a fork. Remove round balls of melon using melon baller. If you have used instruments before, you can carve out really pretty things out of fruits. Moreover, do not forget to put strawberries in the arrangement. They will add to the color of your edible arrangement. They can be more attractive if you put chocolate on top. Be creative for a better result and you can also combine white and dark chocolate.

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