How to Break Up With Someone before Valentines

Ending a relationship is not easy.  Breaking up with your partner is one of the toughest decisions one has to make but when it is before the Valentine’s Day, the decision just becomes extremely harder. If you are having troubles with your partner, you should try your best to sort them out. Do not keep things in heart, for this only make things worse. You should be open to your partner and discuss in full detail the difficulties you face as sorting things out in a relationship is the best thing to do.

Nevertheless, if you are certain that things will not work out between the two of you, no matter how hard you try, then you should not waste time as this will be wrong. You should never deceive or hide your partner especially if you are thinking to end the relationship and that too days before the Valentine’s Day. If you look at the brighter side, you and your partner will have the chance to meet new people and spend the Valentine’s Day with them and you might feel more comfortable. You should discuss your problems with your partner and break up, explaining him/her that this is in the best interest of both of you.


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    While talking about the breakup, you should make sure that the time is right. No doubt, for some people, breaking before the Valentine's day is worst timing but breaking after the Valentine's day is not a good option either. Therefore, you should choose the right time, when you can talk in detail. Make sure that you do not spoil any special occasion like birthdays or anniversaries.

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    Selecting the right place is also very important. Do not attempt to discuss this matter in a public place, office or in front of other people because, matters like these should be discussed at suitable places.

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    Make sure no one is around when you are about to talk to your partner about the breakup.

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    You should honestly share your concerns and this does not mean that you have to force things or be aggressive. You should be polite and calm while telling your partner about the issues.

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    Being happy about the breakup will depict that you are being mean and the issues are not really the reasons.

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    Remember that, your partner might get angry and scream at you but you should not react as some people find it hard to handle the breakup.

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